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Mobile Spy Apps and Services that Work! We have reviewed an immense range of spy mobile software and services, and picked just the few best spy apps which allow you precisely discover the irrefutably real truth and feed peace to your mind. At any time, mobile spy software will enable you instantly track and find the actual location of the monitored mobile user, read their every SMS text message and chat or email conversation, along with Internet usage, call history and much more. Discreetly keep an eye on your employees or catch a cheating spouse and ensure that your children are not mixed-up in activities they should not be nor with individuals you do not trust with any of recommended innovative spy cell phone and tablet monitoring apps. We are certain you will notice our reviews commendable in your decision making.


Mobile Spy



Mobile Spy is a top spy app of choice of parents, employers and spouses when it comes to remote spyphone monitoring for smartphones and tablets. In that, a  sensible preference too as a single subscription license to its invisible mobile tracker software allows monitoring of up to three mobile devices – which makes it  well suitable for most families and small business monitoring needs. The quick and uncomplicated installation can be easily managed with just a few clicks by  individuals of all backgrounds. The very moment Mobile Spy software installs and running, it swiftly springs into action by recording all inbound and outbound  traffic of electronic email messages, including SMS spy on Text, as well as MMS messages. Any of which can be immediately viewed through your online Mobile  Spy account, withal the captured information “suddenly” became deleted on the monitored cell phone or tablet. Proficiently and secretly snoop on contacts of any  Android, iPhone, and other supported top mobile platforms by Mobile Spy like BlackBerry, Windows Mobile or Symbian, as well as Android Tablets and the  legendary iPad, iPod, BlackBerry PlayBook, and Samsung Galaxy Tab. At any time, instantly obtain a complete record of every incoming and outgoing mobile  call log with specifics such as date, time, and duration of conversations. In addition, quickly find the precise location of the tracked mobile phone and/or tablet on  a live map from any browser with GPS spy, similarly trace the Cell ID position and analyze every single previous travel activity in meticulous detail. Moreover,  Mobile Spy app enables on device spying of social networking activities, web usage, calendar entries, pictures and movies. As well the ability to spy on chats of  all leading messenger applications – i.e.| iMessage, Whatsapp, BlackBerry messenger, Yahoo messenger, and Windows Live messenger.


Rabbler audio voice jammer






mSpy is invisible mobile spy software with full remote control that allows you to monitor cell phone activities of your employees or children in real-time. Features  include – spy call recording of conversations happening around the target device, track GPS location with a link to a map or via Cell ID tracking when GPS is  unavailable. Read every email and SMS text message sent and received. Retrieve logs of all incoming and outgoing calls and see details for any contact in their  phone’s address book. Track all websites visited using the phone’s web browser. View all photos and videos taken by the phone in full size. mSpy is compatible  with Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Symbian and Windows Mobile operating system based smartphones, including many popular models by Apple, HTC,  Samsung, Nokia, Motorola and more.


cell phone protection

anti radiation case cover






SpyBubble allows you to monitor and track BlackBerry, Android and Symbian operating system based smartphones in real time; without being detected! You will have the ability to read any SMS messages that was sent or received from the phone. The messages are securely stored in your SpyBubble account in their original format, so you can read them even if the messages have been deleted from the target phone. Track the precise location of the phone using Google Maps. Find out if junior or your spouse is actually at the book store or if your employee is really jammed in traffic. Compatible with Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Symbian and Windows Mobile smartphones, including many popular models by Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, HTC and more.




Features include covert email logging, picture logging, hidden recording of calls, recording of surroundings, call history logging, appointment/calendar/whatsapp  logging, browser history logging, contact details, SMS logging, GPS tracking, location through SMS, SIM change notification, tracking without GPS, phone wipe.  Compatible with Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Nokia’s Symbian, Windows Mobile smartphones and Tablet devices such as the Samsung Galaxy.



 Cellphone spy software review

 In the last few years, there has been a huge demand for cell phone spy software. Right now, there are hundreds of cell phone spy software that are currently being marketed and sold online. I have examined a LOT of them and to be honest, some are pure junk. There are also a few that are surprisingly good.



Free Spy Apps




We have evaluated a vast number of cell phone tracking applications and concur that the following mobile surveillance software services are truly the best, and are indeed free of charge or very close to it. These free mobile spy apps will let you easily transform any mobile phone into a spying phone to help avoid huge problems before they blossom by staying in the know about your children, loved one or employee. Protect yourself from a cheating spouse or your company interests by monitoring a bum employee and keeping a close watch while you suspect there is a problem you ought to be aware of and deal with. Download real-time cell phone GPS tracker app for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile to listen in, track and monitor.




With InstaMapper you are ready to track a GPS empowered phone, case in point Motorola iDEN, Android, iPhone or any BlackBerry smartphone in real-time, integrated with Google Maps, free of charge. Once InstaMapper is installed it begins to record every move of the tracked phone and sends that information promptly to your web account. InstaMapper can be used for innovative, convenient and fun purposes. However, like all tracking and monitoring apps for mobile devices you are required to comply with terms of InstaMapper in regard to privacy of other people. Furthermore you should verify that the mobile phone to that InstaMapper is going to be used on has good data plan as enhanced use of the app could acquire added charges from the wireless carrier.




WhereAreYou GPS tracking application runs quietly faraway from anyone’s notice and sends exact mobile location to your web account for  instant or later review. No user interaction or application icons are visible therefore it runs secretly in stealth mode totally unnoticed. Basic and  speedy installation of this brilliant tracking app offers you the complete ability to trace the precise location of your staff, spouse and kids.  WhereAreYou tracker functions on any Android or BlackBerry device via the phone’s built-in GPS and permits you to identify where it is on  the map from any web browser at any given moment. Personal edition of WhereAreYou is free of charge and supports all Android and  BlackBerry smartphones, and works in all countries with all mobile carriers.



Track & Protect free version permits you to trace and find your mobile phone in real-time if lost or stolen and displays the phone’s position on  a map in a flash. Its paid edition includes options like – lock and unlock or remotely wipe all data on the phone, remotely take photos, initiate  calls and even sound an alarm. This powerful mobile tracker application is an extremely important app to download for every smartphone  owner. Track & Protect runs on BlackBerry, Android and Symbian devices and works with T-Mobile, Verizon, Vodafone, Sprint, AT&T and  Orange carrier networks, to name just a few.




MobiWee enables you to manage your mobile phone from any computer for free! A powerful suite of services make it exceptionally easy than  ever to control and tweak your cellular phone remotely. Access to SMS messages, files, address book, installed applications and screen shots  are obtainable over the air in real time. MobiWee offers single-click remote access for transferring files to and from your phone, backup and  restore of contacts, merge and transfer SMS messages to computer, lock and remote wipe, and most importantly locating your precious phone  in case it is lost or stolen. Moreover, all incoming calls can be remotely forwarded from your mobile device to any phone, so you never miss an  important phone call. MobiWee works with iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Vista as a gadget.




Glympse is free mobile application that offers a totally cool new method to share your location with family, friends and co-workers. Once you  send a Glympse to someone, you are sending them a live link (known as URL) and when clicked it opens to a dynamic map that lets the  recipient see your whereabouts for any time period you specify in your GlympseWatch timer. The map updates in real-time by capturing your  every movement. The people you send your GPS coordinates to do not need to have any specialized software installed on their mobile phone  to be able to track you. Astonish your friends and colleagues by being the first to send them a Glympse. It favorably works with any Windows  Phone 7, Android, iPhone and BlackBerry smartphones.


Mobile Defense


Wireless mobile phones these days are much more than just a nifty looking gadgets to place and receive phone calls. Out of the blue a sneaky  malware, loss, or theft can have a ruining impact on an individual’s life. With free Mobile Defense Personal and Enterprise solutions, be certain  knowing that the applications you download are safe to use. In the occasion your pricey smartphone ever comes to be lost or stolen, Mobile  Defense can guide you to effectively recover your missing mobile phone and safeguard your personal information with features like remote lock,  wipe and backup. Mobile Defense has won quite a few awards, including Best Security application for the Android platform and has been  featured in online magazines, such as PC World, CNET, MobileCrunch and PC Magazine. Mobile Defense is compatible with BlackBerry,  Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian mobile operating systems.




PhoneSnoop is free remote mobile spy listening app for BlackBerry smartphones. Upon installing this awesome covert surveillance application  on the phone that you intend to spy on, you can then make a call to it as you regularly would to listen in to its surroundings, completely  undetected! In PhoneSnoop’s setup a phone listener waits for an incoming call from the number you have set. Once it detects a call from that  number it automatically responds by answering the phone and places it on speakerphone mode permitting you to hear everything that is  happening around the monitored phone. It essentially transforms the BlackBerry into a portable and secretive bugging device. To see  PhoneSnoop in action visit the website for a video demo and software download.




Spyware can essentially be downloaded in error by users via email attachments or blameless looking software, or perhaps a photo slide show.  Kisses allows you to see all processes and any invisible spy apps running on the BlackBerry with ability to drill-down into every program and  reveal information concerning its vendor, installation date, size and process ID. This free yet extremely powerful application effectively detects,  displays and removes several undetectable spy apps like FlexiSpy, Mobile Spy, hidden bugging apps like PhoneSnoop and discloses various  background processes on BlackBerry devices.


Bluff My Call

Bluff My Call is utterly fun way to play sensible jokes on friends and associates. This astounding voice changer application permits you to alter  your caller ID so that the individual you are calling sees a different phone number that you would like them to see. Likewise, you will be able to  disguise your voice and record the calls so that you and your associates can enjoy listening to later. Private investigators and perhaps even debt  collectors might find this slick mobile application really useful as well. No matter if you have any reason to be using Bluff My Call right now but  you will come to find an excellent use for it sooner or later and you will be thankful that you had previous knowledge about it when that time  comes. Bluff My Call offers free calls for up to 2 minutes without a charge and it works on any BlackBerry, Apple iPhone and Google Android  platforms.


The Benefits of Spy Cell Phone Software Explained in Fine Detail

Technology today makes it easier than ever for individuals to remain in close contact with each other, whether it is across several miles or within the same zip code. This also means that it is relatively effortless for people to sneak around and do things that were way more tougher to get away with previously – for example teens have the relaxed convenience to activities and friends, and spouses can involve themselves in affairs with remarkably little fear of being discovered, or employees getting away with a multitude of things that do not seem to be work related while they are on the clock. Fortunately, with all of the technological advances there are currently many discreet mobile monitoring software and services that can assist spouses, parents, and bosses expose the whole truth on all activities when they are not looking.


Parents can now easily keep close tabs on precisely who their teens are communicating with or sending text messages, and uncover everything that is occurring in their lives. Most teenagers are unwilling to share personal information with their parents, which may result in extremely poor decisions and possible serious consequences. Concerned parents who are worried about alcohol, drug or tobacco use can quickly discover if this is particularly an issue. A teen who may be pressured into using substances or probably being irresponsible may also be monitored with easy to use mobile spy software. Teenagers could be receiving unwanted pornographic photos – worse yet, asked by an alluring molester to forward pictures via MMS – are in considerable danger. Cell phones and Tablets like iPad, iPod and Samsung Galaxy Tab also provide means for bullies to harass their victims with less fear and much smaller probability of being identified. We have all read the news stories of how awful these predicaments can end up. Monitoring all electronic communication makes faster and easier for parents to step in immediately, and avoid larger issues.


HUSBANDS, WIVES AND RELATIONSHIPS – Reassurance with Cell Phone Spy Software …


Another common use for spy mobile software is when partners suspect that their wife or husband is taking part in an extramarital involvement. Warning signs like concealing a mobile phone or Tablet device, receiving secret telephone calls, or erasing emails and SMS text message logs could result in a serious relationship mistrust. For some people it is too late at this stage to repair the relationship; but, a concerned spouse could protect themselves and obtain supportive information for use with legal purposes (legal in some states and countries) and custody issues in the event things do approach that point. Furthermore, smartphone monitoring apps these days are very affordable on any budget – equated to employing a private investigator.


BOSSES, MANAGERS AND BUSINESSES – Save $$$ with Mobile Spy or Tablet Spy Software …


 Organizations that have employees working largely outside of the workplace or on the road identify that they have situations with worker productivity. This is because employees have too much allowance, and not enough responsibility. Are the employees running countless private errands on work time? Are they taking unauthorized trips on company expenditure? Root out what they are doing while on the clock and verify they are doing their job! Advanced spying software for Android mobile devices, or any BlackBerry monitoring apps, or iPhone tracking software, or Windows Mobile surveillance applications, or Symbian mobile tracking tools and hidden Tablet monitoring apps would all be able to help employers know precisely where their cash is goin