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Easily Monitor, Track and Locate any Cell Phone with Free Spy Apps


We have evaluated a vast number of cell phone tracking applications and concur that the following mobile surveillance software services are truly the best, and are indeed free of charge or very close to it. These free mobile spy apps will let you easily transform any mobile phone into a spying phone to help avoid huge problems before they blossom by staying in the know about your children, loved one or employee. Protect yourself from a cheating spouse or your company interests by monitoring a bum employee and keeping a close watch while you suspect there is a problem you ought to be aware of and deal with. Download real-time cell phone GPS tracker app for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile to listen in, track and monitor.


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With InstaMapper you are ready to track a GPS empowered phone, case in point Motorola iDEN, Android, iPhone or any BlackBerry smartphone in real-time, integrated with Google Maps, free of charge. Once InstaMapper is installed it begins to record every move of the tracked phone and sends that information promptly to your web account. InstaMapper can be used for innovative, convenient and fun purposes. However, like all tracking and monitoring apps for mobile devices you are required to comply with terms of InstaMapper in regard to privacy of other people. Furthermore you should verify that the mobile phone to that InstaMapper is going to be used on has good data plan as enhanced use of the app could acquire added charges from the wireless carrier.


WhereAreYou GPS tracking application runs quietly faraway from anyone’s notice and sends exact mobile location to your web account for instant or later review. No user interaction or application icons are visible therefore it runs secretly in stealth mode totally unnoticed. Basic and speedy installation of this brilliant tracking app offers you the complete ability to trace the precise location of your staff, spouse and kids. WhereAreYou tracker functions on any Android or BlackBerry device via the phone’s built-in GPS and permits you to identify where it is on the map from any web browser at any given moment. Personal edition of WhereAreYou is free of charge and supports all Android and BlackBerry smartphones, and works in all countries with all mobile carriers.


Track & Protect free version permits you to trace and find your mobile phone in real-time if lost or stolen and displays the phone’s position on a map in a flash. Its paid edition includes options like – lock and unlock or remotely wipe all data on the phone, remotely take photos, initiate calls and even sound an alarm. This powerful mobile tracker application is an extremely important app to download for every smartphone owner. Track & Protect runs on BlackBerry, Android and Symbian devices and works with T-Mobile, Verizon, Vodafone, Sprint, AT&T and Orange carrier networks, to name just a few.


MobiWee enables you to manage your mobile phone from any computer for free! A powerful suite of services make it exceptionally easy than ever to control and tweak your cellular phone remotely. Access to SMS messages, files, address book, installed applications and screen shots are obtainable over the air in real time. MobiWee offers single-click remote access for transferring files to and from your phone, backup and restore of contacts, merge and transfer SMS messages to computer, lock and remote wipe, and most importantly locating your precious phone in case it is lost or stolen. Moreover, all incoming calls can be remotely forwarded from your mobile device to any phone, so you never miss an important phone call. MobiWee works with iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Vista as a gadget.


Glympse is free mobile application that offers a totally cool new method to share your location with family, friends and co-workers. Once you send a Glympse to someone, you are sending them a live link (known as URL) and when clicked it opens to a dynamic map that lets the recipient see your whereabouts for any time period you specify in your GlympseWatch timer. The map updates in real-time by capturing your every movement. The people you send your GPS coordinates to do not need to have any specialized software installed on their mobile phone to be able to track you. Astonish your friends and colleagues by being the first to send them a Glympse. It favorably works with any Windows Phone 7, Android, iPhone and BlackBerry smartphones.

Mobile Defense

Wireless mobile phones these days are much more than just a nifty looking gadgets to place and receive phone calls. Out of the blue a sneaky malware, loss, or theft can have a ruining impact on an individual’s life. With free Mobile Defense Personal and Enterprise solutions, be certain knowing that the applications you download are safe to use. In the occasion your pricey smartphone ever comes to be lost or stolen, Mobile Defense can guide you to effectively recover your missing mobile phone and safeguard your personal information with features like remote lock, wipe and backup. Mobile Defense has won quite a few awards, including Best Security application for the Android platform and has been featured in online magazines, such as PC World, CNET, MobileCrunch and PC Magazine. Mobile Defense is compatible with BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian mobile operating systems.


PhoneSnoop is free remote mobile spy listening app for BlackBerry smartphones. Upon installing this awesome covert surveillance application on the phone that you intend to spy on, you can then make a call to it as you regularly would to listen in to its surroundings, completely undetected! In PhoneSnoop’s setup a phone listener waits for an incoming call from the number you have set. Once it detects a call from that number it automatically responds by answering the phone and places it on speakerphone mode permitting you to hear everything that is happening around the monitored phone. It essentially transforms the BlackBerry into a portable and secretive bugging device. To see PhoneSnoop in action visit the website for a video demo and software download.


Spyware can essentially be downloaded in error by users via email attachments or blameless looking software, or perhaps a photo slide show. Kisses allows you to see all processes and any invisible spy apps running on the BlackBerry with ability to drill-down into every program and reveal information concerning its vendor, installation date, size and process ID. This free yet extremely powerful application effectively detects, displays and removes several undetectable spy apps like FlexiSpy, Mobile Spy, hidden bugging apps like PhoneSnoop and discloses various background processes on BlackBerry devices.

Bluff My Call

Bluff My Call is utterly fun way to play sensible jokes on friends and associates. This astounding voice changer application permits you to alter your caller ID so that the individual you are calling sees a different phone number that you would like them to see. Likewise, you will be able to disguise your voice and record the calls so that you and your associates can enjoy listening to later. Private investigators and perhaps even debt collectors might find this slick mobile application really useful as well. No matter if you have any reason to be using Bluff My Call right now but you will come to find an excellent use for it sooner or later and you will be thankful that you had previous knowledge about it when that time comes. Bluff My Call offers free calls for up to 2 minutes without a charge and it works on any BlackBerry, Apple iPhone and Google Android platforms.


For more detail oriented and advanced smartphone spy apps containing services and options with the flexibility to access all sent and received E-mails, SMS text and MMS multimedia messages, BlackBerry PIN messages, Google Talk and WhatsApp logs, phone book, live call intercept, voice call recording and Tablet monitoring apps, see our reviews of Top Mobile Spy Software featured on the site. Furthermore, to keep secret surveillance on computers of your children and employees check out the Best Keylogger Software applications for PC and Macintosh.

Disclaimer: prior to purchasing and using monitoring software on mobile devices please read our Disclaimer for more details.